November 9, 2018: The Part-Time Press is pleased to announce that copies of Teaching College Science Online will begin shipping in January 2019. E-book versions (ePub and Kindle) will be available for purchase in December 2018.


December 14, 2017: The Part-Time Press is pleased to announce that copies of Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms: A Comprehensive Guide will begin shipping in January 2018. E-book versions (ePub and Kindle) are already available for purchase. Click here for more information about the e-book version. Pre-order your print copy of Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms: A Comprehensive Guide today!

Do you wish your students….
• Took responsibility for their learning?
• Completed coursework and actively participated in classroom discussions?
• Completed assigned work on time?
• Turned in assignments that followed directions/rubrics?

Flipped classrooms combined with blended learning strategies and techniques allow teaching faculty to combine their own creativity with technological tools that can make all of these “wishes” (and more) come true. Students in flipped and blended courses are more engaged, prepared and excited about the course materials you are eager to teach. Authors Patricia Adams and Happy Gingras—award-winning faculty members—have been teaching flipped and blended college courses for over a decade and in this book they take readers step-by-step through the process of flipping and blending a course.

January 19, 2017: Part-Time Press Announces the signing of a sales, marketing and distribution agreement with the Eurospan Group of London, England. Orders placed by customers in the UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia are handled by our distributor the Eurospan Group.The collaboration between the Eurospan Group and the Part-Time Press will bring PTP books in print and digital format to English-reading faculty on every continent. In addition, select PTP professional development books will translated into Spanish and Portuguese and made available through the sales, marketing and distribution efforts of the Eurospan Group to Spanish and Portuguese faculty readers in Europe, Africa and South America. For more information about how to place orders via the Eurospan Group, please visit this link on our website.

December 30, 2016: Part-Time Press Announces the signing of adjunct faculty member Frances Karels of McLennan Community College to write a Professional Development Book for Science Faculty. Karels, who holds a Master’s Degree in Zoology from Texas A&M University, is also an Instructional Coach for science faculty employed by the West Texas Intermediate School District.

December 20, 2016: Part-Time Press Announces Signing of Drs. Ike Shibley of Penn State – Berks, Oliver Dreon of Millersville University in Pennsylvania and Tim Wilson of Western University in Ontario, Canada to write a Professional Development Book for Science Faculty.

November 10, 2016:  Part-Time Press Announces the signing of adjunct faculty member and author Julie Smith to author a professional development book. Smith is the author of Master Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Pedagogical World.  Julie Smith has been teaching media classes at Webster University and Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville for fifteen years.  She holds her M.S. in Mass Communication and her B.A. in Public Relations and Marketing.  Julie travels extensively sharing her expertise in classroom engagement and educational technology.

July 26, 2016:  Part-Time Press Announces Release of New 4th Edition of Handbook II: Advanced Teaching Strategies for Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty (hbii_6th_press_release)

June 27, 2016:  Part-Time Press Announces Signing of Johnson County Community College Faculty Development Coordinator Tom Grady to Author Professional Development Book

June 20, 2016:  Part-Time Press Announces Signing of Pitt Community College Professors Patricia Adams and Happy Gingras to Author Professional Development Book

October 15, 2015:  Part-Time Press Announces Release of Getting Down to Business:Handbook  for Adjunct/ Part-Time Faculty Who Teach Business (getting_down_to_biz_launch_release).